Matthew Sherman

C# Developer


Major Updates.

The project section is now up. There is currently one project in there. Click on "Projects" above for more information. I've been working on the admin tools for this site so it shouldn't take me another six months to update again. More code will come as soon as it is cleaned up and packaged. Comments for each project are planed for the next upgrade but for the time being if you have any questions about the code feel free to e-mail me.

Posted On:6/4/2012

Sites Up!

Today the place holder page goes up! Right now all that is accessible is the news feed (here), my resume, and my contact information. Projects page is empty for right now but there are many things to come soon.

Also, this site is best viewed with either Firefox or Chrome, as Internet Explorer does not support some of the features used on this page.

Posted On:12/26/2011